If you are looking for outside counseling referrals or related emergency information, talk to your school counselor. After school hours, use these links or phone numbers. Please note: communication between a student and a school counselor is confidential, unless disclosure is required to prevent a clear and imminent danger to a student or others, or when legally required. A full confidentiality statement is here.


Suicide Crisis Hotlines 1(800) SUICIDE or 1(800) 784-2433 or 1(800) 273-TALK or inside cover of any phonebook

CARES [Crisis And Restabilization Emergency Services] (716) 882-HELP

Crisis Text Line text to 741741

Suicide Prevention Erie County

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255

Crisis Services (716) 834-3131

Child Protective Services Hotline 1 (800) 342-3720

Catholic Charities (716) 856-4494

Monsignor Carr Institute (716) 835-9745

Thinking about suicide? Read this first.

Kids Escaping Drugs, Face2Face (716) 827-9462

Buffalo Psychiatric Center hotlines

Family Voices Network of Erie County (716) 858-2192

Erie County Council for Prevention of Alcohol & Substance Abuse (716) 831-2298

Combat Addiction

Horizon Health Services (716) 831-1800

BryLin Behavioral Health (716) 886-8200

Mental Health Association of Erie County

Mental Health Advocates of WNY

Northpointe Council (716) 285-3421

Niagara County Childrens Single Point of Access (716) 438-3071

Self Injury info 1(800) DONTCUT

Center for Family Systems (716) 886-4594

Wilson Support Center [formerly Life Transitions Center] (716) 686-8077

WNY Children's Psychiatric Center (716) 677-7000

BestSelf Behavioral Health (716) 884-0888


Other resources

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Gobi online prevention program

PATH: People Against Human Trafficking

Addiction Center NY

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Teen addiction treatment centers in WNY

Rehab in NY

After a suicide

helping a grieving child

Supporting grieving students

Fostering Resilience Stress Management

Resilience guide

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug Free World

Parents' Guide: Substance Abuse

Drug Rehab Connections

Vaping and e-cigs

Operation Prevention

Just Think Twice

Get Smart About Drugs

E-cig info from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Vape info from Stanford Medical

National Institutes of Health - alcohol prevention