If you are looking for outside counseling referrals or related emergency information, talk to your school counselor. After school hours, use these links or phone numbers. Please note: communication between a student and a school counselor is confidential, unless disclosure is required to prevent a clear and imminent danger to a student or others, or when legally required. A full confidentiality statement is here.


Suicide Crisis Hotlines 1(800) SUICIDE or 1(800) 784-2433 or 1(800) 273-TALK or inside cover of any phonebook

CARES [Crisis And Restabilization Emergency Services] (716) 882-HELP

Crisis Text Line text to 741741

Suicide Prevention Erie County

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255

Crisis Services (716) 834-3131

Child Protective Services Hotline 1 (800) 342-3720

Catholic Charities (716) 856-4494

Monsignor Carr Institute (716) 835-9745

Thinking about suicide? Read this first.

Kids Escaping Drugs, Face2Face (716) 827-9462

Buffalo Psychiatric Center hotlines

Family Voices Network of Erie County (716) 858-2192

Erie County Council for Prevention of Alcohol & Substance Abuse (716) 831-2298

Combat Addiction

Horizon Health Services (716) 831-1800

BryLin Behavioral Health (716) 886-8200

Mental Health Association of Erie County

Mental Health Advocates of WNY

Northpointe Council (716) 285-3421

Niagara County Childrens Single Point of Access (716) 438-3071

Self Injury info 1(800) DONTCUT

Center for Family Systems (716) 886-4594

Wilson Support Center [formerly Life Transitions Center] (716) 686-8077

WNY Children's Psychiatric Center (716) 677-7000

BestSelf Behavioral Health (716) 884-0888


Other resources

Just Tell One

Recognizing Relationship Abuse

Gobi online prevention program

Addiction Center NY

Alcohol treatment centers in WNY

Teen addiction treatment centers in WNY

Rehab in NY

After a suicide

helping a grieving child

Supporting grieving students

Fostering Resilience Stress Management

Resilience guide

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug Free World

Parents' Guide: Substance Abuse

Drug Rehab Connections

Vaping and e-cigs

Operation Prevention

Just Think Twice

Get Smart About Drugs

E-cig info from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Vape info from Stanford Medical

National Institutes of Health - alcohol prevention