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College Resources

Resources to help explore, choose, pay for and attend college.








Kickstart your future today!  Whether you're dreaming about your first job, pondering college majors, or exploring vocational paths, uncover a career that sparks your passion and utilizes your talents. Dive into the resources below, find your direction, and take the first step toward an exciting and fulfilling future. Many districts have access to career exploration tools, check with your school counselor for more information and discover your potential!

Career profilers, videos, and job search tools, and more

Experience careers with summer opportunities







Skilled Trades

Discover your path to a rewarding hands-on career with our guide to local Trade Skills programs. Explore a variety of vocational fields and connect with training and apprenticeships in your community to jumpstart your future today.






Mental Health Resources

Mental health is as vital to our overall well-being as physical health, shaping how we think, feel, and interact with the world around us. Prioritizing mental healthe nhances quality of life and strengthens abilities to cope with challenges, build meaningful relationships, and pursue our goals with resilience and confidence.  Wether you or your child is struggling, or just trying to maintain mental health, the resouces below can help here in Western New York.


WNY Counseling Services

WNY Addiction Resources

Suicide Prevention and Other Resources